Friday, 6 December 2013

The joy of living in a room under sea water!

How do you find the idea of living in a hotel room under sea water? Isn't it fun? Its interesting to hear and i'm wondering how much interesting it would be to actually experience it.
Followed by sweden and maldive , hotels under sea water have started in tanzania too. On pemba island there is a hotel named manta resort. It is actually situated in the center of blue hole.The rooms of this hotel are below 4 meters from surface of sea water and 250 meters from the island. The hotel has 17 rooms. There are 8 windows above and below each room. The most amazing thing is the outer side of hotel is lighted so that one can see many  creatures under sea water.  One can even see creatures like squid and octopus at night.
Besides a double bed to sleep, the wonderful underwater room has 2 windows on each wall which gives a 360 degree view of the water around it.

It has a lounge and bathroom at sea level and guests can climb a ladder to the roof.

You can probably guess that the cost to enjoy your stay here isn't cheap. The room costs for $1500 to a couple and for singles it is $900 for one night which varies depending on the duration of the stay.